A Brief History of Roast Chicken—Plus Must-Try Recipes


   Roasted chicken is an item that has occupied a special place in the annals of cooking throughout time, mainly due to its ease of cooking, taste, and flexibility.

It dates back to ancient times when early civilizations were discovering the concept of roasting poultry on an open flame. As civilization changed, so did the way chicken roasting was done, making it a regular dish among various cultures globally.

The evolution of roast chicken: From medieval symbol to global culinary staple

Roast chicken was a symbol of prosperity and celebration in the medieval European community, mostly reserved for special occasions or feasts.

The introduction of enclosed ovens allowed for more controlled cooking temperatures that improved flavors and tenderness. Herbs and spices enhanced the taste of roasted chicken, thereby making it popular.

Throughout the Renaissance, noble families and wealthy merchants continued to enjoy roast chicken as their favorite dish. This also brought about recipes that had elaborate stuffings and garnishes, which showcased their cook’s abilities.

Among all these people, however, it was the French who developed roast chicken into an art form by using butter marinades flavored with herbs, resulting in very deliciously crispy golden browned skins and juicy meats.

In the 20th century, roast chicken became a popular choice for many families looking for a quick meal that offered comfort.

People invented home ovens and modern kitchen appliances, which made it easier to prepare roast chicken at home, leading to numerous versions and adaptations across various regions.

 America embraced this culinary tradition where Sunday dinners ended with roasted chickens, accompanied by mashed potatoes as well as gravy, among others, during celebrations like Easter.

Roast chicken today still remains a globally cherished dish, revered for its plainness and unifying potentialities.

From rustic kitchens to classical dining rooms, chefs continue to experiment with novel techniques and flavor combinations that make use of roast chicken in both traditional and contemporary culinary scenarios.

Some roast chicken recipes you must try

Roast chicken has evolved over the years, taking various forms according to local and regional influences. For foodies, here are some of the must-try roast chicken recipes from all around the world.

Classic roast chicken

The preparation of this traditional dish begins with a whole chicken that has been rubbed with salt, pepper, and fragrant fresh herbs like rosemary and thyme.

The meat on the inside of the chicken is cooked until it's crispy and golden, while the inside remains tender and juicy. This dish is great for intimate family dinners as well as special get-togethers.

 Cooked side by side with roasted vegetables such as potatoes and carrots, it goes well with rich gravy made from pan drippings for an irresistible classic feast.

Lemon and garlic roast chicken

The roast chicken in this recipe brings out a pop of flavor. Lemon juice is used to marinade the meat, giving it a taste of citrus, with added garlic cloves for extra flavor.


Some variants use oils such as olive oil and other herbs, which form a brownish crispy skin and make the meat tender. For a cool, refreshing yet filling meal, serve this alongside some couscous or partner it up with a light vinaigrette-dressed green salad.

Asian-inspired roast chicken with soy and ginger

This recipe infuses Asian tastes into the classic roast chicken. The mix of soy sauce, ginger, honey, and garlic adds to the chicken to produce a savory glaze with hints of sweetness when it is baked.

In addition to that, some sesame seeds and green onions can be added for enhanced taste and texture. Finally, this Asian-inspired roast chicken can be served with steamed rice or stir-fried vegetables to make a meal for any dinner.

Mediterranean Roast Herb Chicken

Experience the taste of the Mediterranean by trying out this spin on roast chicken. The seasoning used on the chicken includes oregano, basil, and lemon zest, which combine to give it a fresh but bright Mediterranean flavor.

When roasted along with garlic cloves, cherry tomatoes, as well as olives, it becomes a fragrant dish with vibrant colors. This dish should be served with crusty bread that will soak up these flavorful juices, along with a Greek salad.

Beer Can Roast Chicken

Beer can roast chicken is an innovative and enjoyable way to prepare a meal. To cook, place a half-full beer can inside the chicken’s cavity before roasting. The beer will steam from the inside as the chicken cooks, making the meat moist and adding a mild beer flavor.

It results in a tender and juicy piece of meat with crispy skin. In order to have a complete meal that could be served at a picnic, it can be paired with BBQ sauce, potato wedges and grilled vegetables.

Tandoori Chicken

Inspired by flavors from India, Tandoori roast chicken involves marinating it in a blend of yogurt plus spices like turmeric, cumin, garam masala, and other related ingredients.

This makes it richly flavored with complex layers of taste through spice coating. The final dish has the chicken soft and charred, served with white naan (bread) and raita as the sides.


Hendl is another term for chicken, especially in its roasted form, brathendl. One of them is fried Backhendl (French: poulet frit à la viennoise), which is a Viennese specialty.

The literal equivalent in Standard German is Hähnchen (“cockerel”). In the new states of Germany, it is often called Broiler.

Hendls are traditionally served in Bavarian beer gardens or at festivals such as Oktoberfest and are typically eaten with potato salad or a beer, maybe accompanied by a Maß of beer.

They are also widely available from mobile rotisserie trucks that park near well-frequented locations such as supermarkets or large parking lots.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula mentions Paprika Hendl (paprika chicken) being enjoyed by J. Harker, who wants to have the recipe for his wife Mina.


Roast chicken and all its regional variants are one of the most popular dishes in the world. The above-mentioned must-try roast chicken recipes offer a variety of flavors and cooking techniques, making them suitable for different tastes and occasions, from casual family dinners to festive gatherings.

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